A fresh coat of paint

🎉 New blog, new site design, bright future.

Launched a redesign of my site theweb.rocks, which now has a built-in blog! I need to run some image optimizations in several places, but overall things should mostly be done. Can't wait to share my insights on several areas I love like programming and music production. This is part of a new start for me after being ill for several months with pneumonia. (Though I am much better now!)

As an introduction to myself: I'm Dave. I decided to start this blog to better relay my thoughts to others about various things in the programming world and music world. And to better learn more things about those things and address my findings here.

Not sure of the direction I'll take this blog, but I hope to do a post every week and see where things go.

Things I'll probably talk about extensively:

  • React. (Especially the new context API coming in on 16.3)
  • Web Development and the JavaScript ecosystem.
  • The meta-strategy of programming.
  • Music production and music programming.
  • Tutorials on how to do various things!

That's all for now. Have a good one! 👋