Currently contracting, programming, and researching in Brooklyn NY.


Sesame Workshop
DEC 2016 - JUL 2017
Front End Developer (Contract)

Spearheaded an interactive storytelling experience conceptualizing the architecture and tech stack. Implemented data driven UI elements for a content management system for administration in education. Augmented product design process and iteration by rapid prototyping features and UX workflows.

Sesame eBooks | Parallax animation series made with React & AnimeJS.

Led the development of the project from planning phase to release. Built core functionality, an internal animation timelines management system for multiple scenes, and a build process for image preprocessing with Webpack. Collaborated with animation teams defining specifications for sprite sheets, choreography, and user experience.

Sesame English 2.0 | Educational courseware and a CMS dashboard for schools.

Created several games for our courseware platform used to teach English as a second language (ESL. Automated creation of multiple lessons (100+) within a week through scripting and templating. Created UI components for our data-driven CMS dashboard for teachers and school administrators to assess student performance.

Books That Grow
NOV 2016
Web Developer

Reported to the CEO regarding all aspects of development and planned the future roadmap of replacing the tech stack. Documented the system architecture to assess plans toward refactoring. Fixed issues regarding database types in schema preventing form submissions from working, in addition to solving various UI issues on the platform and landing page.

General Assembly
JUN 2016 - SEP 2016
WDI Alum

Collaborated with my peers in regards to software design, controlflow, and database schemas. Led several group projects creating web apps, using Git | Github for our workflow. Studied various technologies including React, Angular 2, and experimental Web APIs like WebVR.

JUN 2015 - AUG 2015
Music Production Intern

Provided in-depth knowledge of music production and sound design to aid in various tasks. Proposed various batch processing solutions for Audio to MIDI analysis to automate workflows. I also had the opportunity to create a proof-of-concept Kontakt Library and built a web application using Web MIDI & Audio APIs.